Two Days State Level Webinar on "Ethical Hacking & Cyber Crime Investigation" at Kaveri College

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Computer Science Department of Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce organised a Webinar on “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Crime Investigation” on 27th & 28th January, 2021 from 10:00a.m. to 11:30a.m. The webinar was organised online on YouTube live platform.

As the whole world is becoming more digital day by day, cyber-crime has become a serious issue, internationally, and also which is causing harm to security. The aim of this webinar was to literate the students about cyber crimes and its investigations.

Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Principal, Dr. Muckta Karmarkar, Vice Principal, Dr. Jayashri Bangali Coordinator B.Sc. Computer Science, Ms. Chitra Alavani, Coordinator M.Sc. Computer Science, the students and staff members of Kaveri College attended the webinar.

Dr. Jayashri Bangali, Coordinator B.Sc. Computer Science welcomed the resource person, all the participants and introduced the program. She gave the introduction of the resource person Mr. Tanmay Dikshit and explained the importance of cyber security.

Mr. Tanmay Dikshit, the resource person of the webinar is an international hall fame personality. He is an author, cyber consultant, security researcher, and a highly energetic speaker. He has conducted numerous webinars on cybercrime investigation.

On Day one, Mr. Tanmay Dikshit explained the meaning of ethical hacking and types of hacking such as White Hat hacking, Black Hat hacking, Gray Hat hacking and Red Hat hacking.

Mr. Tanmay described how financial crime is carried out by hackers. He further explained many cases of ethical hacking, showed different videos and also suggested different ways of protecting from hacking such as use of RFID gadgets. He focused on mobile hacking and gave important tips to avoid mobile hacking to the participants.

Second day of session was based on cyber crime and investigation. Mr. Dikshit explained about phishing, spoofing, email bombing, cyber bulling or cyber stalking, identity theft and how hackers are applying different ideas to hack. He also explained about malware attack, cyber pornography, source code theft, denial of service attack, access the Wi-Fi illegally, online gambling, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare etc.

He also briefed the need of cyber awareness and suggested some ways to implement it using smart bulbs, CCTV sets. He explained the role of digital forensic in cyber crime investigation.

Both the sessions were interactive and informative. Mr. Tanmay also guided students for choosing cyber security as a career and answered all the queries/questions asked by students.

Ms. Chitra Alavani proposed vote of thanks.