Kaveri Skill Development Cell (KSDC)

The Kaveri Skill Development Cell (KSDC), established in the academic year 2016-17, works for the all-round development of students. With prime objectives of bringing in holistic development and instilling proactive citizenship in the students, the cell carries out activities in the form of offering different certificate courses, skill development programmes, training programmes. The KSDC emphasises on activities that enhance employability skill, leadership quality and imbue in students’ various life skills. By providing these opportunities, the cell enables students to identify their potential and explore different avenues available.


Empowerment through skill enhancement


To provide opportunities to students for their overall development


  1. To provide different types of add on/certificate courses to the students to enhance their Employability Quotient.
  2. To enhance pro-active leadership through offering various value addition programmes like soft skill development programme, leadership training camp etc.
  3. To conduct skill development programmes for staff members.

In tune with the objectives, to boost the domain knowledge of the students, the cell has offered various add-on and certificate courses and arranged programmes such as

  • Course in Basic English,
  • Course in Share Market and Mutual Fund Investments,
  • Course in Soft Skills etc.
  • Workshop on Creative Writing,
  • Workshop on preparation for Civil Services Examinations etc.

In order to promote the leadership quality and enhance life skills amongst the students, various value addition programmes are conducted like

  • Soft Skill Development Programme,
  • Leadership Development Programme,
  • Interactive guest lectures on various skill sets available,
  • Awareness Programmes on availing MOOCs like courses available on SWAYAMportal etc.

Further, the cell has also organised Faculty Development Programme on E-content Development for skill development of teaching and non-teaching staff members.
The cell carries out its activities in collaboration with various authorities and academic partners such as Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, M. R. Pai Foundation and Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai, MTC Global, Nester Consulting, Pune etc.

Some of the activities conducted by KSDC

  1. Presentation by ICICI Academy for Skills
    On 2 December, 2016, the cell arranged a presentation by ICICI Academy for Skills for guiding students of Kaveri College on the skill set required for increasing their employability quotient and for making them aware about the short-term courses like ‘Office Administration’, ‘Selling Skills’ etc. that the Academy provides free of cost under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity of ICICI Foundation.
    Certificate Course in Basic English:
    A Certificate Course in Basic English was conducted by the cell for the students of the college from 3 – 5 January, 2017. Ms. Vaishali Chillal, Lecturer in English, Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao Junior College was the facilitator for the course.
  2. Workshop on Digital Marketing
    A One Day Workshop on ‘Basics of Digital Marketing’ was jointly organized by the KSDC and Pune Institute of Digital Marketing (PIDM) on 22 July, 2017. Mr. Abhishek Kharosekar, Director, PIDM and Mr. Kushal Kumar, Asst. Manager, PIDM were the resource persons for the workshop. Students, Teachers and Participants from different professions like self-employed in Pune and from outside Pune attended and benefitted from the workshop.
    Presentation by Institute of Computer Accountant for Tally ERP (GST Version), Direct Tax and E-Filing:
    A presentation on Tally ERP, Direct Taxes and E-Filing by Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA) Edu Skills Pvt. Ltd. was arranged for students on 25 and 26 July 2017. The objective of the presentation was making students aware about the need of acquiring industry-relevant skills and availing practical training. The presentation focused on career opportunities in Commerce and benefits from pursuing courses like Direct Tax, Banking and Cost Management, Tally ERP 9 with GST version etc. along with the graduation degree course.
  3. Certificate Course in Share Market and Mutual Fund Investment
    KSDC offered a ‘Certificate Course in Share Market and Mutual Fund Investment’ from 6 to 16 August 2018. Renowned Business Journalist Prof. Nandkumar Kakirde and stock market faculty Mr. Sadanand Soman were invited as resource persons for conducting the Course.
    The participating students were introduced to Share Market, Financial Services, Primary and Secondary Market, Derivatives, BSE and NSE, Mutual Fund and Products, Taxation, Documentation, Investor Services and Customer services. 65 students benefitted from the Certificate Course.
  4. Soft Skill Development Programme

    A Soft Skill Development Programme was organised from10 August to 17 August, 2017. The 6-day programme aimed at equipping the students with required soft skill sets advantageous for them in their future endeavours. Various sessions on ‘Keys to Success’, ‘Transactional Analysis, ‘How to avoid Procrastination’. ‘Communication Skills’, ‘Business and Ethics’, ImpactfulInterview’,‘Assertiveness and Creativity’, ‘Power of Subconscious Mind and Positive Thinking’ and ‘Self Awareness’ were conducted. In all 88 students participated in and got benefitted from the Programme.

  5. Dr. M. R. Jayakar Employability Skill Programme

    Dr. M. R. Jayakar Employability Skill Programme (Dr. MRJ ESP) for the students of the college was organized from 3 December 2018 to 8 January 2019. The 20-session programme focused on areas like life skill, entrepreneurial skill, digital skill, financial awareness etc. The topics chosen were aimed at both enhancing the varied skill sets and also improving the employability quotient of our students. 66 students from third year of BCom and BA participated in the programme.

  6. Faculty Development Programme on E-Content Development

    A Two-Day State Level Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on E-Content Development was organized on 5-6 January 2019 by Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college and KSDC in association with Knowledge Bridge, Ahmednagar. Trainers Mr. Bhushan Kulkarni and Mr. Eknath Kore guided the participants about different apps and their uses for both educational and commercial purposes, different types of hardware required for audio and video recording, professional microphones and their usage, quality audio recording and special effects etc.There were 115 participants from places like Mumbai, Bhor, Velhe, Indapur and Pune city who benefitted from the workshop.

  7. Workshop on Use of ICT and Career Development
    A Two-Day Workshop on Use of ICT and Career Development was organised on 5 and 6 January, 2019. Trainers from Knowledge Bridge, Ahmednagar, Mr. Bhushan Kulkarni and Mr. Eknath Kore were invited to guide the student-participants at the workshop. During the workshop the participants were guided about how to use the medium of information communication technology and build a career. The participants were guided about the importance of audio in video, types of professional microphones, connecting professional microphones to mobile & computer, rhythm and presentation, karaoke effect, camera facing techniques, best audio video shoot using mobile camera, types of educational videos, live streaming using smart phone, concept of video production and film making, documentary production techniques, power point presentation to video on computer etc.
  8. Certificate Course in Soft Skill
    A ‘Certificate Course in Soft Skill’ was conducted from 17 to 25 January, 2019. Mr. Munir Damani, Soft Skill Trainer was invited as Resource Person. The participating students were introduced to communication skills – verbal and non-verbal, interview skills, group discussion, presentation skills, leadership skills, time management, resume writing, etiquettes that included norms of cyberspace communication and many more. A special hands-on session was arranged for the topic resume writing. 35 students from courses benefitted from this Course.
  9. Workshop on Creative Writing
    A One Day Workshop on Creative Writing was organized on 5 February 2019. The Department of English and KSDC conducted the workshop jointly in association with Board of Students’ Development, SPPU, Pune. Dr. SupriyaSahasrabuddhe, was the Resource Person for the Workshop. The workshop received a good response in the form of 50 participants from various colleges such as St. Mira’s College for Girls, Fergusson College, S.P. College and MES’s Garware College, Symbiosis College etc.
  10. Two-Day Leadership Training Camp
    The KSDC in association with M.R. Pai Foundation, Mumbai and Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai organized a Two-Day Leadership Training Camp for students on 19 and 20 July 2019. Mr. Rajiv Luv and Mr. Ajit Kamath were the facilitators for conducting the camp. 73 students registered for the camp, out of which 16 students were from other colleges in Pune like Symbiosis College of Arts and Science, Garware College of Commerce and Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce.
    The camp witnessed enthusiastic participation from all participants on topics like Setting & Achieving Goals, Sharpening Vital Skills, the Power of Habits, Effective Communication, Coming together – A beginning and Understanding Self & Others.
  11. Awareness Programme for Students on Online Learning Opportunity
    The KSDC in association with Department of Computer Science of the college organized an Awareness Programme on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) e.g. SWAYAM, Coursera etc. for students of Second Year and Third Year classes of Undergraduate Courses and M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.) on 26 July 2019.
    Prior to this, on 23 July 2019, an Orientation Programme on the same topic was conducted for the staff members of the college. The resource persons for both the programme were Asst. Prof. Mrs. Chitra Alavani and Asst. Prof. Mrs. Pallavi Joshi from the college.
  12. A Workshop on Preparation for MPSC / UPSC Examination
    A workshop on ‘Preparation for MPSC / UPSC Examination’ was jointly organized by KSDC and Vocational Guidance Cell of the college on 28 August 2019. Resource Person, Mr. Pandurang Kotule, Director, Pune Institute for Administrative Careers, (PIAC), Pune guided students on the pattern of UPSC examination. He informed students about the subjects and how to prepare for those subjects. Resource Person, Mr. Vijaykumar Shinde, Faculty at Study Circle, Pune guided students for preparation of MPSC examination. He advised students to be serious about this examination and keep a goal to at least secure one post. Total 45 students benefited from the workshop.
  13. Kaveri Leadership Development Programme

    Kaveri Leadership Development Programme, for the Third-Year students of the college, was conducted from 11 to 23 October 2019. Mr. Munir Damani, Executive Coach and a Soft Skill Trainer, was invited as a Resource Person for the Programme. The programme covered sessions on areas/skills namely, Know Yourself, Goal Setting, Time and Stress Management, Communication Skills: Listening and Speaking, Interview Skills, Creating Effective Resume, Group Discussion, Leadership and Teamwork, Innovation and Creativity, Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills, Manners & Etiquette including E-mail Etiquette and Coping Skills. The objective of the Programme was to instil in students all the required skills to make them competent in their endeavours.The 45 participating students had an amazing experience of knowing and exploring their potentials, gained confidence and learnt about new avenues of learning and growing.

  14. MS Office Course for Students of Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School (Kannada Medium)
    KSDC initiated an activity in 2018, as an understanding of its institutional social responsibility, in the form of teaching MS-Office to the Kannada Medium Students of Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School.
    Under this course the basics of MS-Word and MS-Power Point were covered. This course was conducted by students of our College. Lavanya Sreenivas, Kishan Shetty, Ashutosh Gorke, Shivani Ingawale and Kelwin Chacko from B.B.A. (CA) and Piyush Joglekar from B. Sc. (CS), conducted the teaching programme at the school. Total 45 students attended the course.

Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty
Head, KSDC