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Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) – B.Sc. (C.S.)

About Department

B.Sc. (Computer Science) course was started in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education in Science. It is a three years degree graduation course with specialisation in Computer Science. At first year, fundamentals of Mathematics, Statistics, Electronics and Computer Science are included in the syllabus. At the second year of graduation, the programming skills are further strengthened by adding the in-depth knowledge of all the subjects. At third year of this under graduation course, six theory papers of Computer Science in each semester and practical courses cover entire spectrum of topics necessary to build knowledge base required for Software Industry.

As the technology is changing day by day, it has impacted teaching-learning methodologies. In the field of research also, the department is continuously trying to update the teaching methods and techniques. Various Value-added courses based on recent technologies are conducted by the department. The department invites Industry experts to guide the students and tries to bridge the gap between Academics and Industry requirements. The department is continuously engaged in planning and executing the various activities to achieve the goals of the department.

The college has well equipped laboratories for Computer Science, Electronics, Statistics and Mathematics which has all required sophisticated instruments and latest computers. The department has one division of 80 students. Currently around 220 students are studying in B.Sc. (Computer Science).


To educate the students to have in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of all the science subjects.


To provide quality education in the field of Computer Science. To achieve academic excellence by adapting latest teaching methodologies and improving quality research.


  • To develop problem solving abilities using a computer
  • To build the necessary skill set and analytical abilities for developing computer based solutions for real-life problems
  • To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry
  • To prepare necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science
  • To help students build-up a successful career in Computer Science and to produce entrepreneurs who can innovate and develop software products

Teaching/Learning Methodologies used

  • Lecture method (black board teaching)
  • PPT lecture method using ICT
  • Experiential learning by experimenting in the laboratories
  • Hands on experience in solving real problems through project work
  • Participative learning through group discussion
  • Collaborative learning through online learning platforms such as NPTEL
  • Google Classroom
  • Industry expert’s guidance through various guest lectures
  • Application oriented learning through practicals
  • Project demonstrations through Exhibitions
  • Flipped classroom
  • Continuous evaluation through internal exams/orals/viva/assignments
  • Interactive Sessions/discussions
  • Presentations of students

Google Classrooms

FY B.Sc.: https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NDA5MTYzMDU1MjFa
SY B.Sc.: https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NDQwNDY2ODU4MTBa
TY B.Sc.: https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/MjY5OTUwNzYxNzRa


  • Collaboration with Conocim Edutech LLP Invoice Industry Oriented Training Company for conducting value added courses for students and FDPs for teaching staff members.

Add-on/Value Added/Bridge courses conducted by the Department

  1. Course on PC Assembly and Installation of OS
  2. Course on Hobby Projects using Arduino/8051 Microcontroller
  3. Course on Mathematical Aptitude: Basic Concept’s Mathematics and Statistics
  4. Course on Vedic Mathematics
  5. Course on HTML, CSS and JAVA script
  6. Course on Angular JS PDF