About ICGE

Illuminate India: Creating Connections among Gifted Education Stakeholders’

Stands as a pivotal conference in the wake of NEP 2020 dedicated to fostering a thriving ecosystem for the holistic development of gifted and talented children. This gathering aims to bring together voices of all stakeholders- educators, parents, practitioners and policy makers recognizing their crucial roles in nurturing brilliance and thereby illuminating the gifted potential in India. Through engaging presentations, discussions and dialogue between parents and educators the conference provides a platform to share best practices, innovative strategies, and the latest research in gifted education. With a focus on the cultural and regional contexts within India, the conference seeks to raise awareness, share best practices, empower parents, and advocate for policy changes to create a more inclusive educational environment. By building a network of passionate educators and parents, the conference aspires to inspire, motivate, and contribute to a sustained commitment to nurturing brilliance in the realm of gifted education.